The True Meaning of Spirit

Margaret at Cheer Dress Rehearsal

This morning I read a story that really touched my heart and came close to home, as I’m sure it will for you too.

Margaret Romph is a beautiful 7 year old girl from Missouri, US, who has shown tremendous strength, bravery, and true spirit. You see, she is a quadriplegic (paralyzed from the neck down). She is also a cheerleader.
When Margaret was 5 years old, (and just 2 short years ago), she was in a car accident that caused her to become paralyzed from the neck down, and to have to breathe using a ventilator for the rest of her life. Before the accident, the little girl had been a member of a cheer squad at the Capital City Cheer gym in Jefferson City. Her cheer coach says she was a very energetic and lively little cheerleader, who couldn’t sit still for very long.
After the accident, cheer was something she didn’t even want to dream about, it seemed so out of her reach. But recently, she’d started attending her team’s competitions, and got their uniform for Christmas. And now, she will actually get to PERFORM and COMPETE with her teammates once again!
Her coach choreographed the routine so that Margaret can maneuver, swerve in and out, and go around the formations of the routine using her electric wheelchair, which she controls with her chin.Margaret is thrilled and excited to perform on Saturday, and, like any good cheerleader proudly wore her smile, bow, and glitter to a dress rehearsal on Wednesday.

Margaret Before the Accident

What an amazing little girl! They say anyone can be a cheerleader, but I disagree. I think to be a cheerleader you need the true spirit that girls like Margaret possess, in better or in worse. If she’s back on that mat, she really CAN do anything! The strength and spirit of a cheerleader like that can inspire and pump up the crowd much better than any handspring or scorp ever could.
Margaret’s mother has had to quit her job to care full time for her little girl, and the family can use financial and emotional support at this time. To leave Margaret or her family a message, or to make a donation, visit
Cheer On!

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