Cheer Uniforms With Class (and Sportsmanship!)

One of the best things about being a cheerleader are the days I get to wear my uniform! Getting new uniforms is also always really exciting, especially if you get to have a say in the decision! Here is a compilation of some of my favourite cheer uniform styles. You may recognize some of the teams names from Canadian cheer clubs. If your  coach is thinking about changing uniforms, maybe you can casually hint about the style you’d like!

<– I love the colours (mainly because they’re Humber colours 🙂 ), and I like the cutout sleeve and v-neck. Actually there isn’t really anything I don’t love about this uniform!



This one reminds me of our current one at CCA Panthers, because of the colours and the shiny blue. I also like it because it’s pretty different than most uniforms, it’s dynamic and just plain awesome 🙂 –>





<– This one is pretty traditional but again I primarily included it because of the blue and gold colours 🙂 It’s a cute one for guys too I think.



<–And here’s yet another blue and gold one.








<– Here’s a more original one that you don’t see every day. It almost doesn’t even look like a cheer but more of a dance uniform. Is the world of cheer uniforms headed towards more dance-y/gymnastic-y styles? Not sure if it’s really practical though. Slash, I’m not sure about you, but I feel like competing without one sleeve would have me fearing for my life that my boob would just fall out mid-routine.


I pretty much just loved the stars on this one lol. –>










<– I like this sleeveless look. Normally I prefer sleeves but this one works because the neckline isn’t cut out too low. I also like how it’s a one piece.



I like the straps and how it’s a one piece but kind of like two. I’m not sure how I feel about the hole in the middle… I think it might be kind of boring without it though. –>









<– This is another more gymnastics-inspired one. Not sure how I feel about it pertaining to cheer yet. Love the scale though 🙂




I obviously had to include our sweet Team Canada uniforms!! Woooot! I can’t wait to see their routine this year at Worlds! (April 28th – May 2nd!)

C-A-N-A-D-A Canada, Let’s, Go, Canada!






<– Okay this one is really weird and just reminds me of a dominatrix…but hey that’s cheer in Taiwan for you! I’m not sure for what purpose the leg warmer things are… I hope they don’t stunt in these!



This one is kinda cute with the differing shoulder straps. It’s pretty traditional in terms of geometrical shapes. –>




<– I just like this top. It’s pretty simple and I like the straps and the triangle cut at the bottom.





The one below is cute too and it’s interesting that although there are no actual bold colours, it still works and looks good. I like the straps and the skirt.

Hope you all enjoy these! Let me know which ones are your faves!

Also, watch for the sequel to this post, ‘Bows Galore’, coming soon!

Cheer On!





2 Comments on “Cheer Uniforms With Class (and Sportsmanship!)”

  1. Madison says:

    How do I order one

    • Mina Tzenova says:

      Hi Madison, I’m sorry but the collection I’ve featured here is a mix of favourites that I’ve found throughout the web. Most are from ‘Varsity’, so you can try them. Normally you would order them from your gym/team, but I don’t own these and I’m not selling them. Plus most are designs from 2 years ago, so I don’t know if they even feature them anymore. Sorry!

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