Cool Bows: Sequins and Sparkles and Layers, Oh My!

Hello fellow Cheer Champs!

As promised, here is the bow post. This is a collection of some the snazziest (and not-so-snazzy) cheer bows around. Enjoy! And as always, I want to hear about your faves so feel free to comment!

The "Let's All Sail Away on a Bed of Cheer Mats" Bow. Perfect for the young sailor!

The "Welcome to Cheer, Little Ones" Bow.

The "Cheer Stars are Born and Raised in America" Bow!

The "Red Hot Cheer Passion with a Touch of Dark Mystery" Bow.

The "Blind a Deer Without the Use of Headlights" Bow. Hopefully you don't blind the judges too!

The "Rivers of Purple Flow Through the Shadowy Streaks of the Night" Bow.

The "Product of a Zebra, Giraffe, and Lots of Grapes" Bow. No animals were harmed in the making 🙂

The ""Meow!" - says the snow leopard kitty, while prancing through a winter wonderland" Bow.

The "Lollipops and Rainbows Sweetie-Pie" Bow. Every Tiny team should have one of these scrumptious bows!

The "Cheetah in Heat" Bow. For the passionate animal in all of us...Rawrr!

The "Pretty Kitty in Blue" Bow. Perfect for every young panther! Shout out to CCA - Can we have these bows next year pretty please? With a paw on top?

The "Good Morning America!" Bow. What American wouldn't love waking up to this? Love the 60's feel!

The "Kitty-Kat-Swimmin' In-The-Deep-Blue-Sea" Bow! Who says cats hate water?

The "Brownnosing Zebra" Bow. Sure to impress your coaches with this one!

The "Starry Night" Bow. Enjoy stunting under the stars!

The "How to Prove You're Sexy" Bow. By writing it all over your head of course! This bow would actually be cute if 'HOT' and 'SEXY' wasn't boldly slapped in the middle of it! Classy.

The "Ninjas!" Bow. Every tumbler should have one.

The "Honey You've Got the Pox" Bow. Sure to brighten up any sick cheerleader's spirit!

The "Help, I'm on Fire!" Bow. It's what happens when cheerleaders lose their cool.

The "Paw o' the Irish!" Bow. Leprechauns wish they had these.

The "Fresh From my Garden" Bow. Served as a side salad.

The "Groovy, Baby" Bow. Psychedlic!

The "Spirited Cheetah" Bow. 100% Spirit. 100% Cheetah. (No animals were harmed)

The "Thirsty Zebras" Bow. What? Animals need their 8 glasses a day too!

The "Only the Rich Own a Jag" Bow. Jaguar ownership not a must. Jag attitude required.

The "And the Sea, the Stars, and Animals Became One" Bow. Cheerleaders really do bring the world together.

The "North Stars Amidst Velvet Skies" Bow. Very possibly among one of my top picks.

Hope you all enjoyed those!

Coming up on Cheer Town: Which lucky teams will get to compete at Worlds this year?

Cheer on!



2 Comments on “Cool Bows: Sequins and Sparkles and Layers, Oh My!”

  1. Lauren says:

    Can you tell me where the Flame Bow is from please?

    • Mina Tzenova says:


      I actually just found it on the Internet…but I wrote that post a long time ago so I don’t have the pictures anymore and don’t remember where I found it. However, I have a friend on my team who has a very similar fiery-like bow, and she just bought it at one of our competitions.
      Sorry about that! Hope you can find it!

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