Team Canada Cheer!

Okay so before I go on to talk about this exciting event, I just want to mention that CCA Panthers’ Elite team competed in Cheer Evolution’s (formerly Cheer Alliance) Provincials competition this weekend both Saturday and Sunday and did great! They were going for a bid to World’s, but despite their great runs didn’t qualify because they didn’t have enough males on the team 😦 . But we love them and are super proud anyway!!

So now, to the important stuff – actually I should have blogged about this a few weeks ago when it actually happened, but I was overwhelmed with getting ready for Regionals and school etc. and didn’t have much time for blogging. SO, to compete at the International Cheer Union’s Annual World Cheerleading Cup Championship, TEAM CANADA’s roster was announced a few weeks ago! Led and trained by the Canadian Cheer Union, Team Canada is made up of some of Canada’s top gymnasts, tumblers, flyers, bases, and thirds! This year, they are gathered from 6 provinces and 14 different cheer gyms from around the country. So, are you ready to hear which gyms these athletes came from?

Power Cheer Toronto (PCT) and Cheer Force Wolf Pack (CFWP) tied at the top, each sending out a staggering 14 athletes divided up between the co-ed and all-girl teams. Next was Ultimate Canadian Cheer (UCC) with 13 athletes, two of which are competing in the co-ed partner stunt, 8 in the co-ed team, and 4 in the All-girl team. Vancouver All-Stars (VAS) had 10 athletes in total, 4 of which make up the  all-girl partner stunt, and CSS (Mary Ward) had 8 athletes on the all-girl team. Others include one athlete from UWO Mustangs, Power Cheer Calgary (PCC),  Supercats Cheer Motion Quebec,  U of Saskatchewan Huskies, Champion Spirit Athletics (New Brunswick), East Coast Spirit (ECS), and University of Waterloo. Great job to all who made it, but I have to say I’m proud that it seems Ontario is producing the best cheerleaders!

Here is a video of last year (2010) Team Canada’s All-Girl Performance!!

And here is Team Canada Coed! (2010)

The ICU World Cup Championships will be taking place on April 28th-29th 2011 in Orlando, Florida.

Good luck to everyone in training, and we will be rooting for you, Team Canada!!! C-A-N-A-D-A Canada, Let’s – Go – Canada!


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