Competition Make-Up Tips!

I feel like a make-up post is quite necessary in today’s cheerleading era. Everyone has seen those teams. The ones that look like they’ve been attacked by the glitter monster. Multiple times. Even the judges are blinded from their seats way back in the stadium. They are sometimes easily mistaken for flares of fireworks, and considered a fire hazard. You just wish someone would tell them that despite their fierce attempts, they will never completely be able to transform into light bulbs, so they should just stop trying. The good news, is, you don’t have to be that team!

Here are a few super easy and simple tips to ensuring your routine shines more than your face does.


Whether you’re doing horizontal or vertical colour combinations, it’s important above all, to have the right makeup. Your gym should sell competition makeup, but if it doesn’t, you’ll have to get your own. Make sure the glitter you get is loose glitter and not sticky. You might also want to get eyelash glue. Here are some pointers:

  • Do your eyes before you do anything else on your face (i.e. before foundation, bronzer, or blush), because this way the glitter won’t stick to your face and you’ll have an easier time brushing off the loose glitter after you’re done with the eyes.
  • If you’re applying fake eyeslashes, glue them on first before putting any glitter, so that they stick on better. Do not try to curl them until after you’ve applied the glitter though, because you’ll have a harder time putting the glitter on.
  • To put the glitter on, use eyelash glue (preferably one that comes with a wand) by putting it only in the exact area you want the certain colour of glitter (i.e. if you’re doing more than one colour, do not put the glue on your whole eyelid).
  • If eyelash glue is unavailable, you can use chapstick to get the glitter to stick. However, beware that chapstick smudges really easily.
  • You can use your fingers to put the glitter on top of the glue, or a better alternative would be a small makeup brush.
  • If you want to make exact and precise lines,use a small piece of  green painter’s tape. This tape should be a staple in your cheer makeup kit. You can use it to remove excess glitter from your face very gently, as well as re-shape and re-touch the makeup that you’ve already applied.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself,  ask someone else to do it (but make sure you trust them and that they’re good at doing it).
  • Curl eyelashes and put mascara on after having completely finished the glittery parts.
  • Use black liquid eyeliner to seal in any gaps between the eyelash and the glitter.
  • Above all, DO NOT OVERDO THE GLITTER! You want to look classy, not tacky.


This part is really up to you and isn’t necessary. You can use foundation if you wish. A touch of bronzer is usually nice, but don’t overdo it (I speak from experience…), or you might just end up looking really unnatural and stand out from everyone. Same goes for blush. Use it minimally – you don’t want to look like a clown.

Some teams will have additional embellishments for the face, such as glitter stars or other symbols.


If your glitter is really extreme, your coach might opt out of also having lipstick. Normally a nice shade of red is good as it makes you stand out to the coaches. Just make sure you get the kind of lipstick that doesn’t  smudge off quickly, or if it does make sure to apply it just before you compete.

Lastly, give yourself a good amount of time to do a good job on your competition makeup. Putting it on at the competition venue is always stressful and takes away from your time to get your mind in the zone, so definitely do it before you get there. Having a cheer bud to get ready with is often a good idea, as you can help each other with makeup and hair. Some of the tips in this post were inspired by my cheer bud, Kyleigh Baptista, and trust me, she’s a pro when it comes to cheer makeup 🙂

Other updates: CCA’s Elite team got FIRST place in ITALY last week! Watch them in action here: (They are the SECOND team in!)

Cheer on!



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