Part 1: The Best and Worst of… Flying.

So I’ve decided to research into it a bit and bring you the best and worst of the different positions on a cheer squad. This post will cover the pros and cons of being a flyer/top girl.





  • Being the centre of attention of a stunt group
  • You have the power to make  a routine
  • Everyone can see you and you’re always the centre of attention in photos while you’re flying
  • Owning the air
  • Building trust with your bases
  • Gaining confidence
  • Being fit & flexible
  • Learning new stunts
  • Basket tosses – flying high and feeling the adrenaline rush
  • Hitting stunts
  • Being tight and solid
  • Having control over every part of your body in the air
  • Everyone looks up to you – you’re one of the faces of the team during competition
  • Gaining life-long friendships and being really good friends with your bases
  • The adrenaline rush and amazing feeling of hitting stunts at competition


  • Lots of pressure because you’re the centre of attention
  • Everyone can see you (and consequently can see your falls)
  • Highest risk of fatal injuries
  • Have the power to break a routine
  • Frustrating when learning new skills
  • Falling out of stunts at competition
  • Difficulty gaining trust
  • A lot of work in conditioning, flexibility, and stunt practise
  • A lot of time and dedication
  • Bruises, injuries, soreness, back and ankle problems
  • Dependent on bases – your life is in their hands
  • Pressure, nerves, and mind battles
  • Can be a confidence-breaker if you take longer to learn skills in the air

Look out for next week’s post: Best and Worst of… Basing.

Cheer on!



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