OCF Provincials 2011

Yesterday was a rather emotional and very long day! Technically, it was a two-day competition, but luckily for our team we only had to compete Sunday. We competed in the Open 4.2 category. We had two runs, and pushed hard. We got there at 12:30 and had our first run around 3pm. First warm-up didn’t go so well, but luckily we pulled through when we got to the floor. I personally felt really good about that first run, in terms of my own stunts, except for a part in one of our pyramids that I fixed for the second run. I was extremely nervous for the first run, but I think that made me push harder and give it my all. Plus, I felt like throwing up right after, which is a good sign meaning that I did my best.

After the first run we were in second place with a team ahead of us and one behind us. We really, really knew we HAD to bring it all for the second run, because the team that was ahead of us wasn’t beating us by much, and we knew our routine was good enough to win if we gave it all.

Right before warm-up for the second run, we were all so exhausted already, that I wondered how we would bring it all on the floor. We conserved our energy during the second warm-up and only did a few stunts. I was a little bummed out that for our second run our coach decided to take out a few back walkovers (that I was super excited and had practiced a lot for) but in the end, it made sense since they weren’t perfect and were making the routine pretty messy. Guess I’ll just work extra hard to perfect them and hurry up and get my handspring already. (I know, I know, what kind of a cheerleader am I without a handspring is what you’re thinking lol.)

Anyways, despite the grogginess, we pulled through and (I hope) lit up the floor for run number two. Apparently we didn’t light it up enough, because we still ended up placing second, but we gave it our all and in the end of the day, the rest is out of our control. Shout outs to Wolverine Elite from Niagara, who came in first, as well as to Empire Cheer Eagles who came in third and put on a good performance too.

I was so exhausted when I finally got home, that when I fell asleep I had wild dreams of tumbling passes and back handsprings and a crazy fierce competition I was at… yes, cheerleaders really do eat, breathe, and SLEEP cheer. I kept waking up though because my arm was really sore and bruised up. Anyways, now we’re all off to practice for another two weeks so we can kick some French-Canadian  butt in Montreal!!

OH I almost forgot to also give shout outs to CCA’s own Blue, Black and Silver teams who did amazing as well. Black team were Provincial Champs out of 6 other teams, and Silver placed 3rd! HURRAY CCA!

Well, that’s all for now!

Cheer on!


PS. Kyleigh and I have officially decided that when we open our own cheer gym one day, our animal mascot will be the Elephants. Or the Hyenas…that would go over pretty well I think. No?


8 Comments on “OCF Provincials 2011”

  1. Hey, nice site! Please check out our blog at cheerleadingdaily. Thanks!

    • Mina Tzenova says:

      Thank You! I checked out yours too and it’s pretty interesting! I especially enjoyed your most recent post on how Senior teams use younger flyers due to their smaller weight. I noticed you said you were a judge at some competitions. I always wondered, how do you get to be a judge?


      • Thanks for checking it out Mina! By the way, speaking of OCF Provincials, I was actually asked to fill in and judge at the last minute. Unfortunately I had a conflict and I couldn’t make it, but maybe I’ll be there next year.

        Anyway, to answer your question, I got into judging by starting small and by being outgoing. I simply started calling and emailing every local cheerleading competition I could think of and offered to judge. I had a nice, professional looking cheer resume that I would submit as well. Once you get your foot in the door it is just a matter of networking your way up to bigger and bigger events.

        Good luck getting started. Judging is a blast and can lead to some excellent travel opportunities!

      • Mina Tzenova says:

        Wow, thanks so much for the info! I have a long way to go before I can judge but I do hope to one day open my own cheer gym! I was reading in one of your posts about how you started your own cheer program. If you don’t mind saying, what was the team called? Do they still exist?

  2. The all star program I started has changed names several times, but it still exists. In fact, most of the current coaches were in the program our first years as either staff or cheerleaders.

    I would rather not post the name of the program in an open forum. I want readers of this blog to form opinions based solely on the content of the articles and commments and not be influenced by the fact that they may have heard of (or competed against) my former all star teams. Hope that makes sense.

    Good luck with your ambitions to be a professional in the cheerleading community!

    • Mina Tzenova says:

      Yes of course that makes sense and I agree it shouldn’t make a difference anyways, because when it comes down to it, we are all in it for the love of the sport, and we’re all equally passionate. Thanks for responding and good luck with all your teams!

  3. axel says:

    hey mina
    i just wanna know how you deal with nervousness before every competition.
    im also a panther but doing pre- comp

    • Mina Tzenova says:


      Good question – while nerves can seem intimidating, they’re natural, and to me if I’m not even the slightest bit nervous, then there’s somthing wrong and I get worried and tend to do poorly instead. It’s scientifically proven that physically, what you experience while being ‘nervous’ and while being ‘excited’ is the same. So what I do is try to convert my nerves into excitement, and use up all this ‘excitement’ energy into performing my best. It’s mostly all in your head, really. So instead of saying “I’m so nervous!”, try saying “Guys I’m so excited!”. Try not to psyche yourself out and don’t think about ‘all the things that can go wrong’ right before. When I arrive at comp, I try to just not think about the routine until warm-up time, and then just give it all I have. You should know your routine really well by comp, which means you should have nothing to worry about. If things don’t go perfect on the warm-up mat, don’t worry. Normally when we do bad at warm-up, we do great on the floor, because warm-up is the time to get all your nerves and mistakes out. Also, once I’m out on the floor I’m not nervous anymore, and I just don’t think about anything. Things go wrong when I try to ‘think’ while performing, e.g. ‘Omg, this stunt is coming up, I don’t know if I can do it…”. JUST let your body do all the work, and you’ll be fine!

      A little trick I learned too is that apparently eating bananas calms down nerves, so I always have a stash of bananas with me on competition day.

      Hope this helped!


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