ICU Worlds Only 3 Days Away!!

Get excited people! As sourced from American Cheerleader Magazine, this year’s World’s Championship will include more than 70 teams!! Many teams are already arriving at the Walt Disney World Resort to get accustomed to local time and to get a chance to practice on the big floor. Lots of first-time teams to look out for, like Kazakhstan and Zimbabwe!! It’s so exciting to watch this amazing sport grow throughout the world! Rumor has it that Russia is ready to rock this year as well. I wish I could be there so bad! But for everyone like me who can’t, I presume that will be doing their usual coverage and taping of all the teams and you’ll be able to watch them online on Varsity TV like they’ve done in the past.

Team USA is training hard at the Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas, Texas, and of course, everyone is excited to see what they’ll bring to the floor this year.

But, let’s be real, as a true Canadian, I’m mostly excited to watch Team Canada!! Anyway, the countdown is on!

Cheer on!



4 Comments on “ICU Worlds Only 3 Days Away!!”

  1. There are also than less ands less inventory and when that happens prices will go up because of the suppy and demand .

  2. I never thought of it that way, well put!

  3. shamtest says:

    I can’t seem to look at this page from my iphone!!!!

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