Cinq, six, sept, huit…Q-U-E-B-E-C Cheers!

Hey friends!

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA – I spent the last 5 weeks in Quebec City. While my main purpose there was to study French, I eagerly took the opportunity to scope out the cheerleading scene. As luck would have it, I met a cheerleader from Laval University, where I was taking courses. We met up with a few other cheerleaders in our program – one as far away as Regina – and we worked on a few stunts, did some double bases in the sun and shared cheer experiences (in French of course!) For me, the most interesting part was learning all the cheer terms in French – most of them are the same (base, back), but a few differences exist. It was funny stunting while counting in French. A flyer in French is “Voltige”, while a back handspring is “Flac” (derived from ‘Flic-Flac’, which kind of sounds like what it is). Fulls are just “twists” and double base is the same.

I learned that Quebec City has two main all-star cheer gyms – Le Lys de Quebec and Les Cobras de Quebec. I’ve been fortunate enough to see them both at competition, and along with the FLYERS from Montreal, I’ve come to the conclusion that Quebec has some amazing cheerleading programs. It was cool to meet cheerleaders from other parts of the country, but missing 5 weeks of my own team was pretty tough, so I’m back at CCA happily practicing for the season to come!










Keep up the cheer!