Hello fellow cheerleaders and other friends,

I hope you’re finding Cheer Town posts interesting!

I am an avid lover of the sport of competitive and all-star cheerleading, and through this blog I hope to spread my love and excitement for this growing discipline. Check back often for updates, news, and inspirational stories from the world of cheer.

Having been a high school, college, and now an all-star cheerleader, I have a deep appreciation for the sport (and yes, it IS a sport!), and am always striving to better my own skills and to gather interesting facts and knowledge to share with all of you.

Aside from cheerleading, I have a B.A. in Advertising, love to write, and am just trying to find my place in this crazy world. If you have any suggestions on how to do that, let me know 😛

I love you all and hope you’re enjoying life just as much as I am,


Cheer on!


7 Comments on “About”

  1. Savannah hunt says:

    Hi, my name is savannah hunt and it’s kind of funny that I came across this website because that little girl in the white uniform on the main pages on the top is me, my freshman year of high school. I was just wondering where exactly you got that picture from?

  2. Kaitlin says:

    Hi, do you know the price of the “Cheetah in Heat” bow?

    • Kaitlin Courtrightt says:

      &do you know if the “Kitty-Kat-Swimmin’ In-The-Deep-Blue-Sea” bow comes in red? thank you!

      • Mina Tzenova says:


        Sorry Kaitlin

        These bows are just a collection that I gathered over the internet, I do not actually own any of them, nor am I selling them. You can probably request custom-made ones at any cheerleading bow site. Sorry for the inconvenience!



  3. Lana says:

    Hi Mina,

    I love to get into cheerleading. I’m been searching endlessly on how to get started. I am out of college so…

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. I am in the NYC area.

    • Mina Tzenova says:

      Hi Lana! While it definitely helps starting cheer young, (easier for flexibility and tumbling skills) you can really get involved at any age! I myself started at 17! Many clubs have “Open”, “Parent”, or “Adult” cheer teams that don’t require any experience, (all teams in all-star cheer are divided by age as well as ability) and those are all 18 and over aged teams. Many Open teams that compete at higher levels (5 or 6) and compete at World’s are harder to get on if you have no experience. Prior tumbling and gymnastics abilities are a huge asset. I am from Toronto, Canada, so I’m not too familiar with cheer gyms around NYC, but I’m pretty sure they have a ton! Call up a few and see if they offer recreational adult cheer classes, or if they have an Adult team that doesn’t require experience. Most gyms also offer private tumbling classes so that’s one way to get into it. A relatively new competitive team category is the Open level 4.2 team, that allows newer athletes to compete with lower level skills and only level 2 tumbling (just a back handspring), so they tend to take on athletes with less experience. You should really just call up some gyms in your area and I’m sure you’ll get a lot of info!

      Good luck in your search!


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