ICU Worlds Championship – All-Girl and Coed Partner Stunt Summary

Worlds is Finally here!! Lots of new teams showing lots of talent – the world of cheerleading has definitely stepped up its game, with a lot more countries kicking cheerleading butt. This sport has definitely evolved from its founding country, the USA. The only bad thing about this year’s Worlds is that it coincided with Wills and Kate’s Wedding dates ūüė¶

All-Girl Stunt Group Summary:

Personal favourites with really strong performances were team Norway, Mexico, and Germany. Slovenia was really good too, considering they’re pretty new to the cheer front. USA as usual was super tight and clean, and since I’m Canadian, Team Canada is where my heart’s at. South Africa was in this championship for the first time ever, and although their performance wasn’t quite up to par with other teams, they had a fair and great first ever try. Canada did great but the girls seemed really nervous and not confident enough. A little shaky, but they stuck it all the way through so amazing job ladies! Finland wasn’t bad, but their bow went a little wonky which really threw me off. And speaking of bows, I was disappointed that Mexico’s flyer did he “cheat” bow by pulling her arm behind her leg instead of in front.

Team Germany:

COED Stunt Group Summary:

While the all-girl stunt group competition may have started off a little shaky for some, all the teams brought it ALL on the floor during their Coed stunts.

United Kingdom blew me away with their wheelchair performance!!! It’s definitely a must-see! COSTA-RICA was definitely one of my favourites! So strong, clean, and flawless! China’s performance was interesting due to their choice of music and choreography. Also really strong performances by Australia, USA (of course!), Slovenia.

A very energetic and athletic performance by Ecuador, and despite an unsuccessful first attempt at a hand to hand, they tried it again and did great. Mexico did a full-up while in heelstretch, which was pretty original. Denmark had the skill and was solid, but seemed to lack the confidence. Great job to also Finland, Sweden, and Chinese Taipei. Chinese Taipei’s flyer had great flexibility, and executed the ‘no hand heel stretch’ the best of anyone in the single stunt competition.

And of course, Canada did great with a solid performance as well!

Team USA:

CHECK OUT ALL THE OTHER VIDS at!! (I really wanted to embed my fave videos here but am clearly code/html illiterate and couldn’t figure out how to do it, so could only put up the ones that were on youtube.)

Amazing job everyone! Can’t wait to see everyone’s full routines!!

Cheer on!



ICU Worlds Only 3 Days Away!!

Get excited people! As sourced from American Cheerleader Magazine, this year’s World’s Championship will include more than 70 teams!! Many teams are already arriving at the¬†Walt Disney World Resort to get accustomed to local time and to get a chance to practice on the big floor. Lots of first-time teams to¬†look out for, like Kazakhstan and Zimbabwe!! It’s so exciting to watch this amazing sport grow throughout the world! Rumor has it that Russia is ready to rock this year as well. I wish I could be there so bad! But for everyone like me who can’t, I presume that¬† will be doing their usual coverage and taping of all the teams and you’ll be able to watch them online on Varsity TV like they’ve done in the past.

Team USA is training hard¬†at the¬†Great Wolf Lodge in¬†Dallas, Texas, and of course, everyone¬†is excited to see what they’ll bring to the floor this year.

But, let’s be real,¬†as a true Canadian, I’m mostly excited to watch¬†Team Canada!! Anyway, the countdown is on!

Cheer on!


OCF Provincials 2011

Yesterday was a rather emotional and very long day! Technically, it was a two-day competition, but luckily for our team we only had to compete Sunday. We competed in the Open 4.2 category. We had two runs, and pushed hard. We got there at 12:30 and had our first run around 3pm. First warm-up didn’t go so well, but luckily we pulled through when we got to the floor. I personally felt really good about that first run, in terms of my own stunts, except for a part in one of our pyramids that I fixed for the second run. I was extremely nervous for the first run, but I think that made me push harder and give it my all. Plus, I felt like throwing up right after, which is a good sign meaning that I did my best.

After the first run we were in second place with a team ahead of us and one behind us. We really, really knew we HAD to bring it all for the second run, because the team that was ahead of us wasn’t beating us by much, and we knew our routine was good enough to win if we gave it all.

Right before warm-up for the second run, we were all so exhausted already, that I wondered how we would bring it all on the floor. We conserved our energy during the second warm-up and only did a few stunts. I was a little bummed out that for our second run our coach decided to take out a few back walkovers (that I was super excited and had practiced a lot for) but in the end, it made sense since they weren’t perfect and were making the routine pretty messy. Guess I’ll just work extra hard to perfect them and hurry up and get my handspring already. (I know, I know, what kind of a cheerleader am I without a handspring is what you’re thinking lol.)

Anyways, despite the grogginess, we pulled through and (I hope) lit up the floor for run number two. Apparently we didn’t light it up enough, because we still ended up placing second, but we gave it our all and in the end of the day, the rest is out of our control. Shout outs to Wolverine Elite from Niagara, who came in first, as well as to Empire Cheer Eagles who came in third and put on a good performance too.

I was so exhausted when I finally got home, that when I fell asleep I had wild dreams of tumbling passes and back handsprings and a crazy fierce competition I was at… yes, cheerleaders really do eat, breathe, and SLEEP cheer. I kept waking up though because my arm was really sore and bruised up. Anyways, now we’re all off to practice for another two weeks so we can kick some French-Canadian ¬†butt in Montreal!!

OH I almost forgot to also give shout outs to CCA’s own Blue, Black and Silver teams who did amazing as well. Black team were Provincial Champs out of 6 other teams, and Silver placed 3rd! HURRAY CCA!

Well, that’s all for now!

Cheer on!


PS. Kyleigh and I have officially decided that when we open our own cheer gym one day, our animal mascot will be the Elephants. Or the Hyenas…that would go over pretty well I think. No?

Part 1: The Best and Worst of… Flying.

So I’ve decided to research into it a bit and bring you the best and worst of the different positions on a cheer squad. This post will cover the pros and cons of being a flyer/top girl.





  • Being the centre of attention of a stunt group
  • You have the power to make ¬†a routine
  • Everyone can see you and you’re always the centre of attention in photos while you’re flying
  • Owning the air
  • Building trust with your bases
  • Gaining confidence
  • Being fit & flexible
  • Learning new stunts
  • Basket tosses – flying high and feeling the adrenaline rush
  • Hitting stunts
  • Being tight and solid
  • Having control over every part of your body in the air
  • Everyone looks up to you – you’re one of the faces of the team during competition
  • Gaining life-long friendships and being really good friends with your bases
  • The adrenaline rush and amazing feeling of hitting stunts at competition


  • Lots of pressure because you’re the centre of attention
  • Everyone can see you (and consequently can see your falls)
  • Highest risk of fatal injuries
  • Have the power to break a routine
  • Frustrating when learning new skills
  • Falling out of stunts at competition
  • Difficulty gaining trust
  • A lot of work in conditioning, flexibility, and stunt practise
  • A lot of time and dedication
  • Bruises, injuries, soreness, back and ankle problems
  • Dependent on bases – your life is in their hands
  • Pressure, nerves, and mind battles
  • Can be a confidence-breaker if you take longer to learn skills in the air

Look out for next week’s post: Best and Worst of… Basing.

Cheer on!